Review of “Vieux Amis-Nouveaux Costumes: Old Friends in New Clothes”
“From the opening strains, I could already hear the strong sense of craftsmanship in this recording. The group sounds balanced and neat, bringing a nice background to Anderson’s beautiful vocals. …[T]he album is something any lover of French art music should enjoy, and samplings from the album, especially the French chansons on the first half, could easily make it into folks everyday listening lists.”
John Chittum, DiaKCritical: Kansas City, Thursday August 1, 2019

Review of “Forevermore Spohr”
”Their reading of Spohr's delightful Nonet is sunny and relaxed, with a pronounced pastoral, yet joyful feel.”
David Rowe, Classical CD Reviews, Tues, July 9, 2019

The Midwest Chamber Ensemble, under the unwavering direction of Steve Lewis... does a phenomenal job of listening to surrounding musicians, finding the perfect balance of sound with spot-on intonation.
— Jessie Riggins, KCMETROPOLIS
In the Midwest Chamber Ensemble, self-less, ego-less musicians help each other shine.
— C.J. Janovy, KCUR 89.3
The Midwest Chamber Ensemble is the most fearless ensemble in Kansas City... the group of pre-professionals hasn’t shied away from presenting the typical Beethoven and Brahms but their commitment to new music and that of the 20th century is equally telling.
The singers in ChoralFest 2016, under the direction of Sara McClure... communicated a strong sense of musical line, and, as a result, the the mood and intent of the text were clear.
— Christopher Gage, KCMETROPOLIS

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